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Made primarily with the best pre-bloom alfalfa and a small amount of Timothy hay and orchard grass, Triple Crown Premium Alfalfa Forage Blend is intended to replace all or part of the hay portion of any horse’s diet. Triple Crown Premium Alfalfa Forage Blend is chopped to an average length of two inches and blended with a small amount of molasses and glycerin to maintain product consistency and leaf integrity.


40lb Bale

Triple Crown Alfalfa Forage


    All horses
    Underweight horses
    Performance horses


    Alfalfa & grass hay
    Easy to mix with grains
    Consistent quality


    Hay shortages
    Poor hay quality
    Reducing rapid consumption (bolting)

  • Crude Protein- 15.00%

    Crude Fat- 2.50%

    Crude Fiber- 30.00%

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