Purina® Ultium® Gastric Care horse formula helps equine athletes during the stress of competition by providing optimal gastric and immune support.

Purina Ultium Gastric 50lb

  • Energy to Support High-Performing Horses

     Ultium® Gastric Care horse feed is nutritionally balanced and has the calories needed to support body condition and performance in smaller meals.

    Immune Support for Horses Affected by the Stress of Competition

     Ultium® Gastric Care horse feed contains a specialized yeast extract to help support immune systems of horses affected by stress. Throughout the rigors of competition, you can have confidence your horse has the support needed for peak performance.

    Purina® Outlast® Supplement

    Scientifically shown to support gastric health and comfort and proper pH through the stress of travel and competition.

  • Crude Protein - 12.50%

    Crude Fat - 10.50%

    Starch - 10.00%

    Sugars - 7.00%

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