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Grow huge bucks with antlers most hunters only dream about. Apple flavoring and essential minerals make this product highly desirable and beneficial to deer. A special ingredient keeps deer from overeating, greatly extending the life of every bucket. Rain and snow won't spoil this product, and it's very easy to use. Just dump it on a stump, log or directly on the ground and you are on your way to producing the largest-racked bucks possible.


For best results, Lucky Buck Mineral should be used all year, so stock up to avoid running out! Usage will be greatest in the spring because your bucks should have all they want while their racks are growing.


20lb Bucket

Lucky Buck Mineral

    • Use Year-Round. Not Effected By Rain or Snow
    • Critical Use Time is Green-up in Spring Through Late Summer
    • Develop Bigger, Better Racks
    • Minerals Deer Love - No Bitter Minerals
    • Ingredient For Portion Control 
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