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Tis the Season to Be Snotty

Do you struggle with allergies? Trees and pollen and all that stuff? Well did you know that little dogs like me can struggle with the same allergies? Food allergies or intolerance are really popular. Flea allergies are too. Dogs can even be allergic to humans! It should be no surprise then that we can be allergic to dust, pollen, and mold.


So what can a dog do?

Like other allergies, there isn’t a cure, just preventative measures that can be taken.


Some of the things my humans have done to help me out include:

- Avoid the allergens. Sometimes easier said than done, but we’ve been keeping my visits outside a little shorter. I also get my paws wiped off when coming back inside to help wipe off any lingering allergens.

- Take a bath. Bath time is the worst. It’s not quite as bad as nail trimming, but it’s definitely right up there with getting blow dried and receiving my flea & tick treatment. So baths are awful in my opinion, but this time around, a necessary evil. I noticed a difference right away. As it washed away the traces of allergens, it soothed my skin and made me less prone to itch. They say to use a hypoallergenic one, I used a conditioning one which was another great option.

My yummy chews! Because of my weight, I get 3 a day.

- Supplement with some omega-3s. I’ve been getting these wonderful soft salmon chews after eating my kibbles. I got them from Nissley’s of course, and the chews have helped with maintaining my healthy skin and coat.

- Talk to your vet. Dr. Pat is always so helpful- she was just a text away when we wondered if there was anything else that could be done for me. Given my symptoms, she was able to suggest an allergy med to help give me relief. But make sure you check with your vet before you start poppin’ pills!


It’s been a rough couple weeks, but with these helpful tips, I’ve been managing pretty well. I’m still just as happy and playful.

It’ll take a lot more than pesky allergies to keep me down!

Till next time!

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