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Nissley Feed Holiday Gift Guide

I keep hearing “It’s that time of year”, not really understanding what it means.

Something about snow and cold, and a confusing phrase “when the world falls in love.” The words presents, treats, and Christmas are being thrown around, and loud, peppy music is playing on repeat- it’s enough to make me howl! Not sure what the big deal is. I have a constant supply of gifts and special treats. It’s just my lifestyle.

But not everyone can live a dog’s life. I guess that’s why people stress out over this “time of year.”

So to help keep the stress to a minimum, I’m sharing my Nissley Feed Holiday Gift Guide. Whether you have furry friends or difficult people to buy for, we like to think you can find something at Nissley’s for anyone on your Christmas list.


First the Animals

#1 Animal Treats

- We have Horse, Goat, Chicken, Small Animal, Dog, Cat, and new Mini Pig treats

- My personal favorites are Himalayan Yak Cheese, Whimzees Dental Treats, Cow Ears, Not-

Rawhide Chips, & Happy Howie’s Sausages & Burgers

- A new addition to our biscuit area is a Home for the Holidays: Maple Glazed Ham biscuit by

The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. They are American-made, soft-baked natural treats for dogs that are wheat, corn & soy free.

#2 Animal Toys

- Nissley’s has a wonderful Holiday selection along with new, cute Grinch and Max plush toys. One of my favorites is my small crocodile with a Santa hat who fondly goes by Lyle at home.

- Hear Doggy toys are a good option to replace those annoying squeaker toys. They feature

a Chew Guard Technology for longer-lasting playtime and an ultrasonic, silent squeaker that only we dogs can hear. Talk about a win-win situation! Pictured is the giraffe- there’s also

gators, pigs, skunks and more.

- Don’t forget the other critters! There’s also toys for Chickens like treat balls; for Small Animals there’s run-about balls; and for Cats there’s furniture, catnip, toy balls, mice and so much more.

#3 Cat/Dog Beds

- Personally I prefer the floor or my owner’s bed but some dogs need their own space, and I get that.

- We have all different styles of pillows, orthopedic, and bolster beds for small to large animals. Right now there’s a special on these plaid pillow beds- just $7.99!

Now the People

#4 Garden Shoes & Boots

- Not a fan of boots. My owner put them on me once, and it triggered me. First, I forgot how to walk, then I began to feel this strange sensation in my paws that caused me to turn in circles and continually kick my feet until the booties came off. But as I understand, humans don’t have the same kind of paws as dogs and are required to wear such things to go outside. And for that reason, you are in luck because Nissley’s carries a couple different options.

- First there are the Statesman that come in a shoe (Gardenrunner), a mid-calf boot (Fieldrunner) and a to-the-knee boot (Agrunner). They feature a waterproof rubber and neoprene construction as well as a rugged non-slip outsole. Plain black color.

- For something more fun, probably for the ladies on your list, we have Sloggers that feature fun floral, goat & chicken prints. They come in either a shoe or mid-calf boot.

#5 Socks

- New this year, our socks are the perfect stocking stuffer. Made in the USA, they come in crew, boot & over-calf styles. There are women’s ultra-soft ragg as well as cotton or wool novelty prints. For the men there’s light to heavyweight wool socks in gray.

#6 Hats

- Yup, Nissley’s has hats. But don’t go waving them around when I’m nearby. Hats are one of my top 10 fears along with the vacuum cord and laundry baskets.

- There are some Wrangler styles, a John Deere one, ladies novelty horse styles, a camo one… you’ll just have to come check them out and see them all yourself.