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Bjorn Takes Morgantown

Hallo en welkom!

Greetings from the barges of the Netherlands!

Alright. More like from the top of the couch I like to perch on at home. My watchdog ancestors may hail from the land of tulips and windmills, but my idea of a lookout is peeping out the window in case someone, like my grandparents, is coming to visit and give me hugs. Which are my favorite.

So I'm Bjorn, a fluffy, fun-loving Keeshond. I just turned two recently, so I think it's safe to say that I've officially entered my teenage years and have lots to say from my experiences thus far.


Haley at our Customer Appreciation Sale 2018

Along with my Cavalier dog-cousin Haley, I have been designated as a sort of team mascot, a friendly face, of Nissley Feed & Hardware. Haley will pop in from time to time, just to let you all know how she's doing (she's a home-body, so don't expect too much out of her...)

Nissley's will always hold a special place in my puppy heart, as it was one of my first stops after I was adopted. Since that first day, I shop here for all my needs from my delicious kibbles to my all-time favorite cow ears. Yum!

Now I don't make store visits too often, as my tendency to become over excited intimidates people. So this is my way of connecting with you, the lovely humans of Nissley Feed.

In the months ahead I'll review the best toys, show you how to stay cool in the heat or warm in the cold, share some facts about birds or bugs or horses if you're into that, and maybe I'll get a chance to show you my closet of bandanas. I'm also thinking some Q&A ought to go down at some point. So ask me questions- and not just dog-related. Ask me anything!


I hope you'll check in from time to time to see what I'm up to. We'll always have a good time, but I also hope I can be helpful and informative.

Signing off for now. It's time for Afternoon Nap #3.

Tot ziens!

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